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Jessica Middlebrook

School CommitteE
equity, experience, empathy
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Endorsed By:
  • Steve Owens, State Representative
  • Tony Palomba, Councilor-At-Large


Core Values


Equity is the cornerstone of my campaign. All students are entitled to an education that celebrates their identities, lifts up their voices, and allows them access to opportunities. Antiracist education is part of equity. All students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, home language, socioeconomic status, disability identity, or immigration status deserve access to historically accurate and developmentally appropriate curricula that teaches them to be active citizens who approach the world with compassion and a sense of justice.  


I have devoted my career to supporting the mental health of young people in schools. My experience working with students and teachers to promote social and emotional wellbeing has given me a wealth of knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t) in special education and student support. My experience implementing research-based mental health practices for individual students and on a broader school-wide basis would bring an important perspective to the School Committee as we support students and families returning to school after this traumatic year.


Everyone has their own story to tell. As we emerge from a year that was challenging at best and devastating at worst, we need leadership that will listen to and integrate all perspectives into the decisions that will shape the future of our schools. As a school mental health professional who has worked with students, families, and teachers for almost 20 years, I am uniquely equipped to listen empathically and integrate multiple perspectives. 

 WCA-TV Interview


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